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The 30 minute Vegans Taste of Europe Named One Of The Top Five Cookbooks Of 2012 By Vegetarian Times Magazine And One Of The Top 10 Vegan Cookbooks Of The Year By VegNews MagazineA Culinary Tour De Force Of Europe S Most Treasured Dishes Are You Looking For Delicious And Healthy Cuisine That Can Fit Into Your Busy Lifestyle Do You Long For The Robust Flavors Of Italy, France, Spain, Or Greece But Haven T Found Tasty Animal Free Recipes Look No Further The 30 Minute Vegan Is Where The Joie De Vivre Meets La Dolce Vita To Satisfy Even The Most Discriminating Palates Award Winning Author And Chef Mark Reinfeld Tackles The Meaty Fare That Is European Cuisine, Offering Inspired Plant Based Versions Of Everything From Manicotti To French Onion Soup, Moussaka To Notwurst Including Key Pantry Ingredients With A Special Section On Herbs , Raw And Gluten Free Options Virtually All Of The Recipes Are Gluten Free , And Suggestions For Wine And Beer Pairings, Taste Of Europe Is A Revolutionary Cookbook That Will Help You To Recreate All Of Your Favorite Classic European Dishes In 30 Minutes Or Less.The Book Consists Of Seven Sections 1 Italy With Recipes Including Fire Roasted Minestrone, Fettucini Alfredo, Tofu Scallopini, Gnocci, Manicotti, And Vegan Gelato.2 Francewith Recipes Including French Onion Soup, Quiche Monet, Seitan Bourguignon, And Chocolate Hazelnut Crepes.3 Spain And Portugal With Recipes Including Gazpacho, Empanadas, Artichoke Heart And Saffron Paella, Tempeh Romesco, Almond Brittle, And Horchatta.4 United Kingdom And Ireland With Recipes Including Irish Stew, Scottish Crumpets, Yorkshire Pudding, Vegetable Pot Pie And Currant Scones.5 Greece With Recipes Including Stuffed Grape Leaves, Tzatziki, Moussaka, Spanikopita, And Baklava 6 Germany With Recipes Including Beer Soup, Vegan Schnitzel, Tempeh Sauerbraten, Apple Strudel, And Black Forest Parfait.7 Europe Fusion With An Assortment Of Recipes From Poland, Iceland, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland And

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    My first in the 30 Minute series, this book has some interesting tips tidbits regarding herbs spices, mushrooms and European countries in the beginning section Each country chapter has a short introduction followed by the recipes, in order from appetizer to dessert lighter fare to decadent within entrees as well The end of each chapter includes simpler additions such as spice mixes, dressings and drinks Lots of tips and tricks are included in the recipes and pretty much every recipe has a zillion variations, which I appreciate Reinfeld also takes a laissez faire approach with regards to optional ingredients and with fresh herbs versus dried I m very particular with following recipes to the letter most of the time and this attitude really helps me to lighten up and just get on with the cooking I haven t made it to every country yet, but pretty much every recipe entices So far I ve tasted Italy White Bean Dip 3 , fresh, bright flavors Spinach Polenta 5 , a different take on Polenta for me and an excellent one Broccoli Rabe w Garlic Red Pepper 3 Roasted Tomato Garlic Sauce 5 , served over Spinach PolentaFrance Faux Gras, Cooked 4 , fun spicy Celeriac w Morel Mushroom Sauce ...

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    Not overly keen on this one If you want to use the recipes in this book you re going to have to buy faux cheese, faux meat products or make buy a lot of tempeh, seitan or tofu The book is described as how to veganize European favourites I think most vegans know how to veganize meat recipes with substitute products I was keen to see cuisine from Europe other than the usual suspects and it was mixed bag Most of the recipes I ve cooked from this hav...

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    There are some yummy sounding dishes in here They have quick recipes and little hints to add if you have time I wish it had photos this one I am keeping on the shelf for ideas.

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    I almost wanted to have it for the Greek recipes, but ultimately decided there wasn t enough of value in the book for me Some recipes in there that shouldn t have been bothered to be veganized I mean, why try to do escargot

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    Part of his 30 minute vegan series, this book continues Reinfeld s very good selection of tasty, veganized, mostly easily quickly prepared recipes from around the globe Includes background into culinary cultures of different countries, regional influences, suggested menus, good substitutions, some raw recipes, conversion charts recipes were not tested with metric measurements , prep basics, references, glossary, suggested reading.Favorites German Oktoberfest recipes, Gre...

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    Wow What every new Vegan needs We will be purchasing this book The recipes are amazing I m making Coconut Lime Banana Bread and African Sweet Potato Soup tonight An valuable resource I can walk into Whole Foods now...

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    I haven t yet gotten around to reviewing this cookbook but you can see some of the dishes I ve made from The 30 Minute Vegan s Taste of Europe here

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    while there are some very healthy and appetizing recipes, i found the overall tone of the book to be preachy, self congratulatory, and a little too hippie ish for my liking good book for natural cooking, but not one of my favorites.

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    great book

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