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❅ The Edge of Normal kindle Epub ❥ Author Carla Norton – Airdomains.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • The Edge of Normal
  • Carla Norton
  • German
  • 23 November 2017

The Edge of NormalDie Unbeschwerte Kindheit Der 12 J Hrigen Reeve LeClaire Fand Ein J Hes Ende An Dem Tag, An Dem Sie Ein Perfider Triebt Ter Entf Hrte Und Misshandelte Erst Nach Jahren Der Gefangenschaft Konnte Reeve Fliehen Und Ihr Peiniger Gefasst Werden Doch Jahre Nach Ihrer Flucht Werden In Kalifornien Erneut Drei M Dchen Entf Hrt, Von Denen Schlie Lich Eins Entkommen Kann Tilly Sie Ist Das J Ngste Opfer, Schwer Traumatisiert Und Verweigert Jegliche Aussage Schlie Lich Bitten Die Eltern Des M Dchens Reeve Um Hilfe Immer Tiefer Ger T Reeve In Die Aktuellen Ermittlungen Und Ins Visier Des Brutalen Killers, Der Sie Keine Sekunde Unbeobachtet L Sst

About the Author: Carla Norton

Is my fiction inspired by true events Absolutely THE EDGE OF NORMAL Thriller Award Finalist Royal Palm Literary Award Winner WHAT DOESN T KILL HER 2016 PNWA Nancy Pearl Book Award Winner, Genre Fiction 2016 FAPA President s Book Award Winner, Suspense Thriller genre.When a shocking California crime first hit headlines, Carla wedged herself between reporters and sketch artists to cover t

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    Carla Norton has worked as an editor, an author of true crime, and published a few books on the writing craft The Edge of Normal is her first piece of fiction and serves as a bit of a lesson on the difference between constructing an account from life and composing through the use of the imagination Many make the mistake of believing you can jump back and forth between the two but they are, in fact, distinctly unique literary enterprises, each requiring its own set of skills.Norton s fictional protagonist, Reeve LeClaire, was kidnapped several years ago She was held hostage by a sexual deviant and brutally abused Now free and on the road to recovery, Reeve has been asked to provide emotional support to a fresh victim of similar circumstance She agrees and swiftly finds herself going on the offensive working to track the perpetrator down.Victim turned vigilante thrillers are, at their base, studies of reinitialized strivings toward empowerment and draw their fascinations from a legitimate source of internal conflict Research is necessary in order to effectively relay the dynamic Norton had done some Yet at a certain point that knowledge has to be surrendered to the character one is writing This is how a personality is built This is how a history is fashioned There is, alas, a tendency in novice novelists to cling to this kind of information it is, after all, a product of many long hours of study, laboriously culled and they resist the hand off...

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    THE EDGE OF NORMAL is a thriller, a genre I ve been reading of this year I blame GONE GIRL It s not that I loved GONE GIRL I just liked it , but that publishers are giving their thrillers of a push And why not Thrillers have a wide ranging appeal They re fast, but have to be clever to deliver twists They re driven by plot, but often require psychological depth.Reeve LeClaire was held captive for three years Her kidnapper was caught only because of a freak car accident Six years later, she s still recovering when her therapist asks her to travel across the country and speak to young girl, Tilly, who was recently rescued from her kidnapper He thinks it will help both Reeve and Tilly It does, but it soon becomes apparent that there s going on in Tilly s case, and that it isn t as open and shut as it seemed There s two other missing girls, Abby and Hannah, and Tilly could be the key to finding them in time.THE EDGE OF NORMAL switches between points of view, and it s a rare example of villain point of view done well The passages narrated by the villain reveal how he keeps staying one step ahead, when otherwise th...

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    At the tender age of twelve Reeve LeClaire was abducted and kept for four years Now in her twenties she has a fragile stability getting flash backs shivering remembering being locked in the boot of a car Reeve has now started to rebuild her life visiting her psychiatrist Dr Lerner who is an expert helping a lot of kids that have been kidnapped Dr Lerner asks Reeve if she will help Tilly Cavanaugh who was kidnapped and rescued from a basement Th...

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    Reeve had been held as a plaything for a sexual sadist for four long years It has taken her six long years under the care of Dr Lerner, her psychiatrist, before she could even begin to heal and get on with her life Even after that time she still has dreams and moments of panic When another young girl Tilly is rescued, held under similar circumstances, Dr, Lerner asks Reeve to help This is a good solid book, a hard book to read in many ways because of the subject matter but thankfully the author does not dwell on these scenes The best part of this story is without doubt the character of Reeve Of course I don t have the...

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    4.5 starsI appreciated this book so much than recent forays into grown up suspense think Gone Girl There were plenty of adult themes, but they weren t peppered with obscenities In other novels, I feel that using the f bomb every other word is extremely distracting, and while this book did use language, it did so in a seemingly natural way rather than a jarring one Aside from that, this book was extremely well done It had me on the edge of my seat biting my nails and flipping the pages as fast as I could on my Kindle The omniscient narrator worked well since we get a chance to see the bad guy up close and personal I think Carla Norton had a good handle on what it must be like inside a twisted and sadistic person s mind But she also nailed the mind of the victim or rather survivor I think Reeve would prefer to be called a survivor I liked Reeve a lot There were some things that were started like her ritual in getting to the doctor s office that seemed to magically disappear when she began talking to Tilly I would have liked to see her deal with her issues while reaching out to the family She was tough without being bitter, and that is a hard balance to write a character who has been affected but not warped by her mistreatment.This book deals with serious and disturbing issues so if things like sexual abuse of children bother you, you might want to skip this one But everything was handled well and really shines a light on missing girls and their experiences I ...

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    The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton is a Minotaur publication set for release in September of 2013.Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the DRC of this book.Reeve LaClaire is the survivor of kidnapping, rape, and torture She was held captive for over 3 years and now a decade later, she is still unable to live a normal life She is close to her father, but her sister has the shouldn t she be over it by now attitude Reeve also finds it difficult to be touched, to hold down a steady job, and to have friends, much less lovers.The media attention that has followed her since her abduction caused her change her name from Regina to Reeve The nasty moniker Edgy Reggie as she was dubbed after she was found is blessedly a thing of the past Dr Lerner is still her doctor after all this time When another young girl is found after spending a significant time imprisoned, Dr Lerner is consulted However, Tilly Cavanaugh s parents are reluctant to bring him on board due to his being a man They want to know if Reeve will come and visit Tilly and speak of her experiences with Dr Lerner Once Reeve agrees to see Tilly, a number of things begin to take shape First of all there are two other missing girls Tilly s kidnapper has been arrested, but there is no word from Tilly or the kidnapper Randy Vanderholt about the other girls.Tilly s experiences are remarkably like Reeve s The two girls bond uneasily at first, but eventually they are both able to op...

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    In many ways, Reeve LeClaire looks like a typical twenty two year old girl But Ten years ago, she was kidnapped and held captive After a lucky escape, she s spent the last six years trying to rebuild her life, a recovery thanks in large part to her indispensable therapist Dr Ezra Lerner But when he asks her to help another girl rescued from a similar situation, Reeve realizes she may not simply need to mentor this young victim she may be the only one who can protect her from a cunning predator who is still out there, watching every move.An excellent and addictive thriller due mostly to the accomplished portrayal of a victim in recovery a survivor, a woman who knows her own limits and sets out to test those limits when asked to help another girl in a similar situation Reeve is extremely likeable and very sympathetic, and so invested was I in her future that I could barely put this book down.When her therapist, Dr Lerner, asks for her help she is reluctant unsure if she is in the right headspace to be of any use and having finally managed to eek out an existance for herself that is out of the spotlight, ultimately she agrees to become a mentor for Cassie, a girl who has recently been rescued from captivity.As the relationship between the two girls develops, it becomes apparent that everything is not clear cut and that danger still lurks close by.It is rare to find a thriller that is as subtle yet sophisticated as this one the cleverly drawn relationship between Cassie ...

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    I received this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.This is a very emotional and raw thriller with gruesome detail so please be of mature audience.This book features a girl, Reeve, who has gone through sheer hell for a period of life and is recovering from that Just trying to get a grip on reality Then it happens again and Reeve is asked to help She can barely make it thr...

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    2013 has produced a plethora of fiction based on the theme of abduction, and the emotional and traumatic journey to recovery undergone by women held captive at the hands of abusers, and with the revelation of the Ariel Castro case in America, there is much to be said about art mirroring life Admittedly having read at least four with this theme last year with varying degrees of success, I was a little ambivalent at facing another, but thankfully The Edge of Normal has neatly circumvented the woeful plotting and laboured narratives of the others I have read this year, and really struck a chord in its depiction of Reeve St Claire as a survivor of long term abduction, and her journey back to life.Called upon to counsel and offer support to a young girl, Tilly, recently liberated from an abductor, Reeve quickly establishes a rapport with her, and through the careful coercion of her psychiatrist, Dr Lerner, not only builds on her own recovery but becomes intrinsically involved in the pursuit of Tilly s abductor Naturally, Ree...

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    My Description Reeve Regina LeClaire was held captive for 4 years She was brutally raped, humiliated, and horribly tortured Through an accident, she was found alive and not well inside a car trunk After a lengthy trial, her captor Daryl Flint is sent to prison She sees a psychologist to help deal with the aftermath She changes her name She gets a job She s better now She s almost normal Years pass Then young females begin to disappear Tilly Cavanaugh is found alive and not well inside a dark and hidden basement She was brutally raped, humiliated, and horribly tortured A mirror image to Reeve Her captor Randy Vaderholt is sent to the local...

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