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Herbs And Essential Oils For Nausea And Digestive Ailments It Can Easily Be Said That Every Organ And System In Our Body Is Made For And Operates To Find Food And Eat It, So That The Whole Machine Can Continue Finding And Eating Food, So On And So Forth It Is No Real Surprise, Then, That The Digestive Tract Is One Of The Most Important And Complex Parts Of The Body And One That Offers A Lot Of Potential For Discomfort When Something Goes Wrong From The Nausea Of A Flu, Food Poisoning Or Motion Sickness, To Other Such Miserable Symptoms As Diarrhea, Constipation, Or Even Irritable Bowel Syndrome, An Entire Industry Of Digestive Pharmaceuticals Has Sprouted To Try To Treat These Woes As With Any Pharmaceutical Solution, However, Comes The Health Risks And Side Effects From Putting Unnatural Chemicals In Your Body Thousands Of Years Before The Modern Medical Industry Arose, However, Natural Doctors And Herbalists Found Many Healthy Herbs That Can Treat These Conditions Without The Serious Drain On Our Liver And Other Vital Organs Elizabeth Summers Has Been Working With Herbs And Natural Medicine For Over Twenty Years, Starting By Working With Friends And Family And Eventually Branching Out Into The Community And The World Of Medicine Out Of A Profound Need To Help People We Live In A Sick World, And Her Written Work Is One Way To Try To Spread The Simple But Profound Health Inherent In Nature To Those Who Need It Elizabeth Has Written On Dozens Of Natural And Homeopathic Topics, From Acute Injuries And Disease, To Diet, Pregnancy, And Simply Trying To Thrive In A World Of Plenty That Unfortunately Usually Leads To Dysfunction Instead Of Health Look For Her Many Other Natural Remedies Pieces Here On

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