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3 NBs of Julian Drew Fifteen Year Old Julian Drew Is Locked Into His Garage Bedroom Every Night By His Brutal Father And Abusive Stepmother, Made To Pee In A Can, Starved, Belittled, And Sometimes Beaten One Fall Day, He Buys A Cheap Notebook NB At A Drugstore In Tucson, Arizona, And Begins Writing In A Simple Code To Someone He Calls U Word By Mysterious Word, His NBs Become A Refuge From His Bewildering Circumstances He Writes Of His Pain, His Fragile Contacts With A Teacher And A Troubled Girl He Calls S, And The Moment When He Turns From Writing To Action And Embarks On A Remarkable Journey To Solve The Puzzle Of His Life.

About the Author: James M. Deem

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 3 NBs of Julian Drew book, this is one of the most wanted James M. Deem author readers around the world.

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    This was a favorite of mine during middle school, and that hasn t changed You start with a boy trying to write his story, but it only comes out in a special code You find out later what everything means It takes time, and by halfway through you pretty much know what all the special codes and abbreviations stand for I remember when I first figured it out I stopped halfway through the book, and started again at the beginning, now knowing everything he was trying to say Ok, now this is going to get a bit spoilery There is abuse in this book that can make people a bit squeamish It isn t bloody or graphic, but there is mental and physical abuse This young boy is mentally broken I ve seen people write comments asking if this stuff really happens to people, and yes Yes it does Though I don t know if it affects people the same as it is portrayed in this book A wonderful book about something that is usually shoved out of people thoughts A child is abused, and wishes to cry out for help...

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    You know that feeling when you have so many thoughts and feelings running around in your head that you just have to write them down Except sometimes, they are so overwhelming that you don t know where to start Julian knows the feeling, and this book takes you on the rollar coaster ride of his thoug...

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    Este libro habia estado en mi librero por 7 a os, lo habia intentado leer con anterioridad pero por el lenguaje en que esta escrito no pasaba de las primeras 4 paginas Hoy me decidi a leerlo, es el mejor libro que leido estos ultimos meses why didn t I read it before

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    read this in like fifth grade and it still comes back to me all the time i need a copy of my own, honestly i wouldn t recommend it if you re disturbed by stories about abuse, but it still haunts me in college absolutely magnificent.

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    One of my absolute favorite books Underrated, disturbing, and extremely touching People need to read this.

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    This is an amazing book I definitely recommend it It made me think of how little I know about what actually goes on in a student s life outside of the school This is a must read.

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    I read this book years ago and it has stuck with me since then A challenging and great read Loved it then and love it now.

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    This book was such a freaking page turner I recently saw someone reading it,and they didn t understand it, and I was like you re not really READING it

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    James M Deem s 3 NBs of Julian Drew is a heart wrenching account of an abused teen by his nother, or stepmother Julian s cryptic journaling was a little unsettling at first until context patterns e...

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    I found a copy somewhere a long time ago but didn t buy because I dunno And then I found this list of must reads for young adults and saw The 3NBs of Julian Drew in it So when I found a copy again at Booksale, I bought it this time The 3NBs of Julian Drew is the story of this boy Julian Drew who is uber abused by his step mother, and well, his father at the same time After his mother s death, everything changed Starved, caged, lambasted, tortured oh well, lotsa bad things that can make me vomit And to express himself, pour out his angst, Julian writes in his journals He writes in codes so that his stepmother wouldn t know about it All the bitterness all his desires to see his late mother once again Plus the blooming love affair with a disturbed girl The twist of the tale is how Julian managed to survive and well, how he got braver and braver as he wrote in his journals I found the book very disturbing But it s a slice of life It slaps me of of what I think about my American Dream that I wanna have my teenage life in the States What I see in the movies, what I read in some books it s total different here It s the mentality of abused kids and I wonder if it really happens I mean, well, it can happen here in the Philippines But I really doubt in the States And I was thinking Julian is going to be mad Gawd, after all he d been through ...

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