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Slay the Dragon Writing For The Multibillion Dollar Video Game Industry Is Unlike Writing For Any Other Medium Slay The Dragon Will Help You Understand The Challenges And Offer Creative Solutions To Writing For A Medium Where The Audience Not Only Demands A Great Story, But To Be A Driving Force Within It Aimed At Traditional Writers Who Want To Learn Interactive Narrative As Well As Game Creators Who Want To Tell Better, Emotionally Involving Stories, The Book Is Written By Two Creative Veterans Of Both Hollywood And Nerdyhood Through Lively Discussions And Self Paced Exercises, Bryant And Giglio Step You Such Topics As The No Act Structure Of Video Games Writing Great Game Characters Making Gameplay Emotionally Meaningful And Bringing Your Game World Alive.

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    I was really excited to read this book I knew video games needed writers but I did not know much about getting into the industry I am a casual gamer but my boyfriend is a hard core gamer I feel like having some background in gaming is useful when reading this book Also, be prepared for game plot spoilers.This book has lots or really amazing points Some are relevant to writing in general and some are very specific to creating video games.One of my favorite sections talked about creating compelling characters It used the examples of Superman and Batman to talk about what makes for an interesting character No big surprise that Batman prize for interesting hands down He is human He has flaws He has many weaknesses than Superman Basically, Superman is a boy scout Generally speaking, complete do gooders with almost no weaknesses make for boring stories Especially in video games There is little challenge playing a video game in God Mode Believe me, I used to play the first Warcraft game with that...

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    Perfect book for getting started with writing video games Gives you the right tools and a reference to good practices to writing great games, how to seamlessly integrate the story with the gameplay, and what to pay attention to when writing.

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    The information is pretty basic, generally only giving the what rather than the why or how , which you d think this books would be particularly geared towards The tone and style of writing are relentlessly enthusiastic, at the expense of actually conveying inform...

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    I really enjoyed reading this Let me just put that out there While some of the material may have been a bit basic, I didn t go in expecting a thorough research analysis of what is expected in writing for video games This book is great for what it is a book explaining the essential foundational components needed for all successful, story driven video games Some of my favorite highlights of the book include Games are interactive whereas movies aren t Thus, the player must always be advancing the story, meaning the stories normally are much longer than in movies to account for gameplay Where movies are around 3 acts long on average, a video game may include 4 acts with 2 sequences in each At each level , the goal of the protagonist must be explicitly noted and must advance the story in some way Characters must be compelling and each have an arc throughout the story Compelling characters have flaws they must overcome which is why it is argued that Batman is a better character ...

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    Despite some of the jokes getting of an eye roll than a laugh, and despite various sections looking like they could ve used another copy editor s eyes, the information in this book seems quite useful Though, since it s from 2014, expect the references to be a bit dated and some of the specific information websites and the like to have changed Those caveats aside, what the authors have to say about game design at a basic level and storytelling up to a advanced level and how the two can work together is worth the asking price Especially if you re looking for a ...

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    If you re looking to learn some storytelling fundamentals and want to learn those through the lens of video games , this is the book for you Unfortunately, if you already have that basis and are looking to expand your games writing skillset, you might find yourself a bit di...

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    Awesome read handbookI learned a lot about how the gaming industry operates as well as how to incorporate good storytelling into an interactive medium.Could have used a bit intel on how to get your foot in the door.

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    Pretty basic, but good stuff If you were a writer who didn t know much about video games, or a gamer who didn t know much about writing, it might be helpful.

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    Super helpful with a project I am working on.

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    ExcellentIt really is a must read for any gamer It talks about stories in gamed and how to make them work.

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