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The Seeker (Damian Seeker 1) London, 1657, The Protectorate Of Oliver Cromwell No One Knows Where Damian Seeker Originated From, Who His Family Is, Or Even His Real Name Mothers Frighten Their Children By Telling Them Tales Of The Seeker All That Is Known Of Him For Certain Is That He Is Utterly Loyal To Cromwell, And That Nothing Can Be Long Hidden From Him In The New, Fashionable Coffee Houses Of London, A Murder Takes Place All London Is Ringing With The News That John Winter Is Dead, The Lawyer Elias Ellingworth, Found Holding A Knife Over The Bleeding Body Of The Dying Man, Held In The Tower Despite The Damning Evidence, Seeker Is Not Convinced Of Ellingworth S Guilt He Will Stop At Nothing To Bring The Right Man To Justice

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • The Seeker (Damian Seeker 1)
  • S.G. MacLean
  • English
  • 22 October 2017

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    Thank you to Netgalley and Quercus books for my free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review If you fancy immersing yourself in 1650 s England, then this historical crime fiction can certainly do that It s a living, breathing portrait of life during that troubled period in history.Set during the reign of Cromwell, it brings to the fore, the man responsible for Cromwell s safety Damian Seeker, known simply as The Seeker He might live very much in the shadows but nothing escapes his attention.Coffee houses featured most prominently at this time They were places to exchange and debate all the latest news, a place where trades and deals took place, but also somewhere that those with royalist sympathies would pass on coded messages in an attempt to further their cause and bring Charles Stuart to the throne But walls have ears in the guise of informants, and one has to be extremely careful who to trust for fear of inviting the wrath of The Seeker upon them.The story centres around the murder of John Winter, one of Cromwell s most trusted soldiers, and it is Seeker s job to discover the identity of the murderer lest he should target Cromwell himself next time Whoever committed this crime, did it in the heart of Whitehall, where John Winter and his wife had their private apartments Lawyer Elias Ellingworth was discovered standing over John Winter s body, but Seeker doesn t believe that he carried out the murder It makes for a really gripping r...

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    This is an atmospheric historical thriller that brilliantly captures the repercussions of the English Civil War in the 1650s It is set in Oliver Cromwell s reign where Coffee Houses are one of the major places where news is acquired and political discussions take place MacLean is a gifted storyteller who has the ability to construct a portal through which we can enter Cromwell s London and the royalist hotbed that is Oxford The historical period is meticulously researched and the descriptions vibrantly bring alive the sights, sounds and smells of London The river is the source of all wealth and the city is the centre of trade in sugar, tobacco and the unsavoury slave trade Defeated royalists, the irish, street children and others have been offloaded as slaves for the plantations There are those who illegally grab people and children and sell them as slaves.John Milton has made a complete volte face from being a person who sought freedom of expression to now being a censor for the regime The Generals who once preached freedom and overturning the old order are now men of property acquired as the spoils of war, change no longer suits them Cromwell has all the trappings and...

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    But today, his long black cloak flowing behind him as he spurred his horse towards the city, there could be no doubt that there was business of great import somewhere, and those few who saw Seeker pass gave silent thanks that whatever it was was no concern of theirs I loved this book The second I finished it I was tempted to start right back at the beginning again but instead I settled for going online and pre ordering the second book from The Book Depository Set in November 1654, it is an excellently written book that evokes the tensions of the time when Oliver Cromwell was the Lord Protectorate and Royalists remained devoted in their efforts to see the exiled Stuarts restored to the halls of Kings Damian Seeker is the Captain of Cromwell s guard and works tirelessly towards uncovering the vast network of intelligencers that conspire to bring Cromwell down When a favored officer in Cromwell s New Model Army is found dead at his doorstep, and a young lawyer on the government s watch list is holding the bloody knife over the body, Seeker finds himself on the trail of something much bigger.The story is to...

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    I tried this book a couple of times and couldn t get into it This was my final attempt and this time I went straight through Gradually I am filling the gaps in my knowledge of British history The civil war, Oliver Cromwell, Roundheads and Cavaliers, the Protectorate and the New Model Army were pretty much hazy concepts for me The only book I remember reading of this specific period is As meat loves salt , and that was quite some time ago.We come to know Damian Seeker, an enigmatic truth seeker, devoted to Cromwell The mystery to solve is complex and stimulating the everyday life of Londoners in particular at the time vividly described and the city comes to life As a Londoner myself, I adore well researched and written historical fiction set in London I could almost see the echos of the characters and players on the hidd...

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    Wonderful historical mystery set in the 17th century during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell On reflection I ve increased the rating to 5 stars as the book still has me thinking about it after I had finished reading Damien Seeker is on the hunt for who murdered John Winter and as the twists and turns of the story unfold, the truth comes to the surface Often with surprising results I found the story engrossing and enjoyed that the book...

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    Actual rating 5.00

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    I don t write many reviews, but I wanted to write one for this book because I thought it was great and doesn t have a lot of them on Goodreads Maybe because it s only published by a UK publisher, and isn t even available on US version anyway I loved this book and didn t want to put it down, which doesn t happen that often for me, and not usually with historical mysteries either The historical detail is fantastic, but it s never dry, just interspersed with the narrative, and you really get an idea of what it would have been like to live in Britain under Cromwell I didn t know anything about this period of history before so it was fascinating to me.The book is very well written and the plotting is superb The mystery definitely kept my attention, with so many layers of connections and secrets, I didn t figure it out until the author revealed things at the end It s unusual for me to be so invested in the secondary characters early on as well, but I was drawn in ...

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this crime drama set in the period of the Commonwealth following the triumph of the Parliamentary faction in the English Civil War It captures well the paranoia that must have been endemic especially in the big cities like Bath and the capital, London, with anyone who voiced the slightest criticism of the regime hauled off to a nasty fate.The main plotline follows the attempt of Damian Seeker, high up in the Commonwealth s security spy services to discover who murdered a key player in the regime Along the way he also has to foil a Royalist plot or two and deal with the dissatisfactions of those who originally backed Parliament s cause but who now are disappointed with the result only the bosses have changed, instead of the whole of society being made egalitarian.The interweaving of...

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    First of all thank you Paromjit for your recent review 4th in series that led me to these books Secondly, I rarely read historical fiction as having studied history and taught it for some years it annoys me if the research is flawed and the interpretation fanciful That is most definitely not the case here I LOVED it The style of writing was so appropriate to the 17th century and fact and fiction were woven together seamlessly I liked how Puritan England of Cromwell s protectorate was portrayed and it showed clearly how men of property in Parliament blocked any changes that might have led to the people being politically free, which was what many fought for Self interest served Sound familiar I ll say no The authors represented OC very fairly too how this yeoman farmer became King in all but name, lived a much luxurious life than his subjects, the harshness with which opponents were dealt with and his crushing of the Irish, the Scots after the battle of Dunbar and religious sects too Churches were stripped of any orn...

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    My notes say I m not sure if I m enjoying this and then I read intently to the end of the book before concluding that actually, no I wasn t, which kind of sums it up Set in the Cromwellian interregnum, with Damian Seeker as enforcer, torturer and secret policeman but also quester for justice and protector of the poor Very Jack Reacher, physically huge and violent but with a moral streak, and also set up in the Reacheresque male Mary Sue thriller hero way everyone is scared of him, mothers frighten their children with his name, can lift a horse one handed, god we re all so very impressed The mystery is intriguing and the characterisation good, the setting extremely well done, but ultimately the hero is a brutal torturer working for a vile regime Which the book acknowledges head on, so you just have to decide if you want to spend the ti...

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