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The Him Deep Down In A Decaying World That S Lost Its Battle Against The Undead, A Group Of Desperate Survivors Search For Shelter Deep In The Texas Woods But They Discover Something Far Worse Than The Dead That Command The Earth Prepare To Meet The Him Deep Down Authors Chad Lutzke Night As A Catalyst And Terry M West What Price Gory Team Together To Offer A Zombie Story With A Different Kind Of Bite.

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    An engrossing and wonderful novelette by Chad Lutzke and Terry M West A not your typical zombie story A group of four trudging through the forest, two brothers, an adult female and one other adult male, doing their best ...

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    Lutzke has a way of tapping into the soul of a human being as he drags them through the most inhuman situations I ve liked everything I ve read by him so far Creepy, dark, thought provoking, vivid Already looking for the next one.

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    I read a lot of books and stories about zombies and apocalypse These topics, when best written, are not about those things so much as the people involved The individual tales of the people put into the situations that bring out the real inside they keep are the ones worth reading again and again because they make you wonder and discover what s really inside you Who do you root for Who would you associate with Vague SPOILER below You find in the very beginning that it s hard to root for the protagonists Then you learn you haven t met the protagonist until halfway through the story I have a very specific rating system Four stars for something I like enough to possibly read again some day The five star review is reserved for the stor...

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    Apocalypse survival brings out the best and the worst in people This novelette explores family loyalty and what makes a person who they are deep down Chad Lutzke and Terry M West capture the feel of desperation necessary for the genre, but this is not a typical zombie story There is t...

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    This dark story is an absolute pleasure to read We ve all read lots of post apocalyptic fiction, but this book shows us sometimes the monsters aren t who we think they are The characters and the tensions bet...

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    The Him Deep Down is a nicely done creepy and dark story about a small group of people during a zombie apocalyptic event While there is some zombie action, Chad Lutzke does an excellent job looking at the hum...

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    I loved this dark and dare I say, delicious tale It s starts off with me hoping those dastardly bad guys get their butts handed to them on a plate, sort of happens, but it s ending is just beyond what I expected Good vs bad Sometimes it s hard to tell the difference Highly recommended.

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    An inventive and dark take on a zombie story As much as I enjoy West and Lutzke on their own, I feel this collaboration is even better In this case, 1 1 is greater than 2.If you crave late night chills, check out The Him Down Deep.

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    A fun, creepy little tale where zombies may not be the worst thing to fear.

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    Very enjoyable short read only 42 pages long perfect for an October night Zombie story with a twist

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