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Shawl-Straps: A Second Series of Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag Louisa May Alcott 1832 1888 Was A Prolific And Multi Talented American Writer Amongst Her Works Are Passionate, Fiery Novels, Moralistic And Wholesome Stories For Children, Philosophical Essays And Letters Her Overwhelming Success However, Was With Little Women Or Meg, Jo, Beth And Amy 1868 , A Semiautobiographical Account Of Her Childhood Years With Her Three Sisters In Concord, Massachusetts Part Two, Or Part Second, Also Known As Good Wives 1869 Followed The March Sisters Into Adulthood And Their Respective Marriages Little Men 1871 Detailed The Characters And Ways Of Alcott S Nephews Who Lived With Her At Orchard House In Concord, And Jo S Boys 1886 Completed The March Family Saga.

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    A delightful trek across EuropeSo, I assumed this would be a continuation of Aunt Jo s Scrap Bag 1 being a collection of short stories but my assumption was wrong Shawl Straps is, in fact, a whole little novel in itself It follows the travels of a band of three American unmarried girls as they visit various places in Europe.It might be fun to actually follow in the footsteps of these girls and perhaps travel along a similar route across Europe and visit many of the same landmarks as they did in France, Switzerland, Italy, and England To do so would be seeing Europe a bit through Louisa s very own eyes, I feel like of course with the difference of almost a hundred years The girls do get to visit some places that are in Charles Dickens novels, and that was an interesting point to note, as I know that Louisa was a fond admirer of Dickens writings.At one point, the merry travelers have to decide to leave the heavier luggage behind and press on with only their shawl straps I never could quite decide exactly what actual shawl straps look li...

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    A travelogue featuring three spinsters traveling through Europe on their own There isn t much plot the point of the story is women can do anything they set their minds to and don t have to rely on men This isn t Louisa s best book but I admire her dedication to women s rights.

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    I especially loved when they visited sites out of Dicken s books

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    This was a good story about three sisters that take a trip to various cities in Europe It was a good read, especially for young readers, I liked it.

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    At first I thought this was going to be dreadful It was like listening to someone s monologue about their holiday, interesting to them but hard to follow and meaningless for the listener Once they gave up their luggage and proceeded with shawl straps it got better, and then I came up with a new idea I used my atlas as I read it 1935 version, so only 65 years too modern to follow their journey This made it positively a joy, and I started googling the paintings they saw and the cathedrals they visited I even looked up some of the historical events and learnt some things too So, with the help of an old atlas and a smartphone, very enjoyable indeed S...

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    Three girls travel from the US to Europe I think this was written somewhere around 1923, and you are reminded how much people had to take with them, as well as how long it took just across the Atlantic Don t forget seasicknessSomewhere I read that Louisa May Alcott was a feminist for her time it shows in this book, although it is definitely rela...

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    Interesting stories about the adventures of three girls traveling in Europe.

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