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A Brighton Flirtation (Zebra Regency Romance) A HEROIC YOUNG WOMAN Katherine Pamberley Loves Life In Brighton In Spite Of Captain Evan Ramsdell Trying To Spoil Her Fun He S Entirely Above Being Pleased And His Old Fashioned Ideas About Women Drive Her Mad How He Managed To Engage Her Affections So Thoroughly, She Ll Never Know But Thoughts Of Romance Are Soon Overshadowed By Rumors Of A Plot To Assassinate The Prince Regent Katherine Can Let Nothing Stand In The Way Of Her Patriotic Duty Not Even The Man She Adores AND HER VALOROUS OFFICER Miss Pamberley Was A Singular Woman Of Independent Mind And Her Behavior Was Often Less Than Decorous Not The Sort A Serious Minded Man Was Wise To Pursue So It S To Evan Ramsdell S Enormous Surprise That He S Developed A Profound Interest In The Rambunctious Katherine Still, It S Not Until He Discovers She S Willing To Risk Her Life For Her Country That Evan Realizes He S Deeply In Love With The Most Valiant Of Women And That He Ll Do Anything To Keep Her By His Side

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    I liked this one I liked Katherine and Evan, especially the scenes where they are together Some of the other parts dragged a bit I thought the mystery was a little underdeveloped and absent for a lot of the story I also get a bit frustrated with characters who refuse to admit they are in love, when it is so obvious that they are Also a bit vexing when Evan keeps insisting he will never marry, if that is the case then be a gentleman and stay away from Katherine But, of course subconsciously he loves her and cant stay away Yadda, yadda, yadda Overall, it was enjoyable and I liked it Katherine and Evan did have nice chemistry and it had a fun plot and side characters Content Pr...

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    Synopsis from Headstrong and independent Katherine Pamberley finds herself drawn despite herself to Captain Evan Ramsdell, a gentleman with old fashioned ideas about women, but their growing feelings for each other must take a back seat when they stumble upon rumors of a plot to assassinate the Prince Regent.This is your typical Regency novel The star is Katharine Pamberley an independent women who has recently moved from Berkshire, and her home s stables, to Brighton, to become part of the Prince Regent s close knit group of friends Whilst in Sussex she starts to fall for Evan Ramsdell or does she As the story unravels we see them examining their feelings and friendship Alongside this, there is the plot to assassinate the Prince Regent, which Ramsdell is investigating.There was nothing spectacular about this book It was an average read maybe even a little dull The do I love him , do I love her got old quickly The exciting bits were the attempted assassinations Aside from that, the book ...

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