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Delirium and Resistance In The Aftermath Of The 2016 US Election, Brexit, And A Global Upsurge Of Nationalist Populism, It Is Evident That The Delirium And The Crisis Of Neoliberal Capitalism Is Now The Delirium And Crisis Of Liberal Democracy And Its Culture And Though Capitalist Crisis Does Not Begin Within Art, Art Can Reflect And Amplify Its Effects To Positive And Negative Ends In This Follow Up To His Influential 2010 Book, Dark Matter Art And Politics In The Age Of Enterprise Culture, Sholette Engages In Critical Dialogue With Artists Collectives, Counter Institutions, And Activist Groups To Offer An Insightful Firsthand Account Of The Relationship Between Politics And Art In Neoliberal Society Sholette Lays Out Clear Examples Of Art S Deep Involvement In Capitalism The Dizzying Prices Achieved By Artists Who Pander To The Financial Elite, The Proliferation Of Museums That Contribute To Global Competition Between Cities In Order To Attract Capital, And The Strange Relationship Between Art And Rampant Gentrification That Restructures The Urban Landscape With A Preface By Noted Author Lucy R Lippard And An Introduction By Theorist Kim Charnley, Delirium And Resistance Draws On Over Thirty Years Of Critical Debates And Practices Both In And Beyond The Art World To Historicize And Advocate For The Art Activist Tradition That Radically And, At Times, Deliriously Entangles The Visual Arts With Political Struggles.

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    Do I hate men because they are horrible or are men horrible because I hate them For a book with such a promising premise it really fell out.

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    This was fine If you re considering reading this, I d reccomend Ben Davis 9.5 Theses on Art and Class instead Both books attempt to examine how structural factors of the economy affect current art production Davis is insightful on those issues This book is mostly helpful for discovering new politically engaged art groups That said, I think he could have made his arguments in a much shorter form I found myself skimming a lot.This book made me aware of ...

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