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Metallic Book Stacks and Furniture for Libraries Excerpt From Metallic Book Stacks And Furniture For Libraries Metallic Filing Devices And Furniture For Vaults And Offices There Are Three Book Stacks One, Of One Story, Below The Delivery Room Oor One, Of Six Stories, Directly In The Rear Of Delivery Room One, Of Two Stories, Under The Special Study Rooms At Rear Of Stack House Together They Accommodate Some Volumes The Perspective On Page 7 Shows Two Stack Rooms The Stack House Is Fireproof Door And Window Trim Metal, Walls White Marble It Has Direct Heat Radiation On Every Oor, Indirect On The First Oor And An Exhaust System Of Ventilation It Is Lighted From The Sides, And Also By A Sky Light The Electric Lighting Is So Arranged That Aisles Are Lighted From Overhead And Through The Glass Floor Beneath Simultaneously.

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