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The Essentials of Indian Philosophy This Text Provides A Concise, Connected Account Of Indian Philosophy An Introductory Chapter Summarizes Vedic Religion And Philosophy, Then Indian Thought Is Considered In Chapters Dealing Respectively With The Early Post Vedic Period And The Age Of The Systems A Brief Historical Survey Accompanies Each Natural Division Of The Subject, In Addition To An Exposition Of Its Theory Of Knowledge, Ontology And Practical Teaching A Glossary Of Sanskrit Terms And A Subject Index Are Provided.

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    Indian Philosophy is an Ocean.To make this appear simple is a feat and Professor Hiriyanna achieves this.He rightly observes that this book is an Introduction and one must read in detail.However, one understands the basics of Indian Philosophy and its systems and characteristics.It deals extensively with the Six Systems of Indian Philosophy ,Sankhya,Yoga,Nyayaya Vasisehika, Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa Vedanta ...

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    I have been introduced to certain religious philosophys in other books Now I can put those ideas into context better since I have read this book.

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    It is a comprehensive summary of Indian philosophy.

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    See Outlines of Indian Philosophy They are essentially the same book.

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    This is a book for beginners and general readers Those who are really into philosophy might find it a bit boring This was suggested to us during our first year of graduation and in no time, I realized t...

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