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Genpei Throughout The Twelfth Century, Two Rival Clans, The Minomoto And The Taira, Struggled For Supremacy In Imperial Japan Each Attempted A Rebellion And, For A Time, The Taira Gained Ascendancy But Their Rule Turned Despotic And At Last, During The Genpei War Of 1179 1185, The Minomoto Drove The Taira Out Of The Capital And Took Control For Themselves.At The Final Battle Of Dan No Ura, The Taira Born Child Emperor And His Family All Jumped Into The Inland Sea To Avoid Capture And Drowned With Them Was Lost The Imperial Sword, Never To Be Seen Again The Minomoto Leader Took Control, Moved The Capital, And Became The First Shogun Of Japan.That Much Is History.But Wherefore Come The Tales Of Superhuman Strength, The Incredible Insight, The Clandestine Knowledge Of The Genpei War S Heroes There Has Been Much Speculation Throughout The Generations Some Have Called The Minomoto S Rise To Power Destiny, Others Call It A Deal Between Humans And Spirits Since Even In Death, The Eternal Japanese Warrior S Spirit Cannot Be Laid To Rest How Much Is Truth, How Much Legend One Can Never Tell, For There Are Older, Stranger Tales As Well.

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    Genre Japanese pseudo historyFor all of the supernatural elements to the story, this book feels like you re reading a history book It is the story of the Gempei wars between the Minamoto and the Tiara, there isn t really a main character, nor is the story particularly character driv...

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    I found this somewhat confusing While I appreciate the attempt to introduce fantasy elements into the well known tale, the transformation of the Taira from heroes, in that Kiyomori originally fought off the influence of the demonic emperor, into villains, s...

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    Didn t finish Got a third through, kinda enjoying it, but I found the characterizations very frustrating, with actions at odds with motivations Especially with regard to how people would react to living deities Obviously the plot is driven by history and I liked that part, but the...

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    Can I admit it I didn t finish this book I very rarely don t finish a book, but I got than halfway through it and realized that reading it had become a chore I wasn t enjoying it, and felt no desire to even find out what happened to any of the characters It s too bad, because Dalkey is obviously a capable, talented writer, and the book is very well researched However, she made a decision to base the style of the book on classic Japanese manuscripts such as The Tale of Genji I ve greatly enjoyed reading historical Japanese works for example, I d highly recommend The Confessions of Lady Nijo, written in the late 13th century But in Genpei , the general effect is not that of reading a medieval work, but that of reading a dry history without the benefit of actually learning accurate historical facts The story is a based on the factual Genpei wars of Japan s 12th century, but mainly this is a recounting of the life and ambitions of some Japanese noblemen...

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    You have to be a fan of feudal Japanese history to enjoy a book like this That said, I thoroughly enjoyed Dalkey s exploration of the Genpei War Though it had fantasy elements and was a historical fiction, it also followed the actual history of the war very closely as far as I can tell It is not a q...

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    The story was a bit hard to grasp, but it said at the beginning that it was actually based on a monogatari so that s understandable I liked it for it s accuracy, not so much for it s story It is a lot like a history book, so I wouldn t recommend it to someo...

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    A very true interpretation of the Heike Monogatari Difficult for those who have no background in ancient pre modern Japanese literature to understand or get into, and the writing style could definitely have been amended to be less epic poem like, but I enjoyed it a lot Nii no Ama is kickass.

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    I like historical fiction, but I also like books with a main character or two or five or a dozen I like casts of thousands too who provides the reader with a way into the world, and after a couple dozen pages, Genpei had not provided one, and so I lost interest.

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