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Saint Patrick's Battalion In A Monastery Built By Franciscan Monks On The Site Of An Aztec War God S Temple, A Rogue Battalion Of Cannoneers Prepares To Make Its Final Stand Along A Strategic Road To Mexico City Reviled By Its Enemies And Lionized By Its Allies, Saint Patrick S Battalion Will Fight Under An Emerald Green Flag With The Fury Of The Proud And The Damned And As James Alexander Thom S Extraordinary New Novel Reaches A Shattering Climax, The Reader Hurtles Into A Collision Between True Loyalty And True Betrayal And Between The Best And Basest Reasons For War.Narrated By Two Soldiers On Opposite Sides Of The Mexican American War Of 1846, Saint Patrick S Battalion Tells The True But Little Known Story Of An Irish Immigrant Who Deserted From The U.S Army And Was Joined Across Enemy Lines By Hundreds Of Comrades Driven By The Abuses Of Protestant West Point Trained Officers And The Realization That They Were Attacking Fellow Catholics, John Riley And His San Patricios Abandoned Their Adopted Country And Took Their Place Proudly Alongside The Dashing Hidalgo Horsemen And Stolid Native Indians Who Were Being Used By The Mexican Army As Cannon Fodder Against The Foreign Invaders Though Hopelessly Misled By The Vainglorious Santa Ana, And Facing Such Future Military Legends As A Brooding Young Ulysses S Grant And The Brilliant Captain Robert E Lee, Riley And His Fighters Were Responsible For An Enormous Number Of American Casualties And Would Eventually Pay A Brutal Price For Their Treachery.Its Narrative Foreshadowing America S Civil War, Saint Patrick S Battalion Asks Haunting Questions About American Expansionism, Racism, And The Machinations Of A War That Began Before It Was Declared From Horrific Depictions Of Cannonade Warfare To The Quiet Corners Of Doubt, Courage, And Love In Men S Hearts And Minds, James Alexander Thom S Novel Takes Us On An Astounding Adventure Into Beautiful, Harsh Mexico And Dramatically Chronicles A Crucial, Bloody Chapter In The Making Of America.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Saint Patrick's Battalion
  • James Alexander Thom
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9780345445568

About the Author: James Alexander Thom

James Alexander Thom born 1933 is an American author, most famous for his works in the Western genre Born in Gosport, Indiana, he graduated from Butler University and served in the United States Marine Corps He is a former professor of journalism at Indiana University, and a contributor to the The Saturday Evening Post His fifth wife, Dark Rain Thom was a member of the Shawnee United Remnant

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    A good historical novel about an awful incident in American history My only minor complaint is that it s so heavily based on one particular non fiction work Rogue s March, by Stevens, I think that, having read the book, I could recognize the specific passages being referenced Mr Thom openly credits the reference source, and does an excellent job on the fictional passages, but I wish he had broadened his sources a bit, so that it didn t feel like a fictional rewrite of a specific book.I especially liked the two teens...

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    Another good historical fiction this time about the Mexican American war Unusual in that the narrative view is from the perspective of two children one on the Mexican side and one on the American, I really enjoyed that, and the research was excellent I knew a little of that war, now I feel much better informed and have a desire to read about it Very compelling story of race, religion, politics, and war Four and a half stars not sure why it didn t reach the 5 category for me maybe because it wasn t such a compelling page turner that I couldn t put it down, which is usually what a 5 star book would be Very, very good description of battle though gives a good feeling of the horror and of some of the racist brutality of a part of the US officer core at that time, makes me wonder why we haven t renamed Ft Bragg after someone else deserving of that honor I think this is an important book because so few Americ...

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    An historical novel about the Mexican American War of 1846, which is a war barely mentioned in history classes The story is told from the perspectives of two young men, one on the Mexican side and the other American The real life hero was John Riley, an Irish Catholic who defected to Mexico with dozens of his countrymen after being treated so badly by the American officers, simply because of being Irish and Catholic Robt E Lee, U.S Grant, and Lew Wallace were all there, cutting their teeth on battle strategy The author is ...

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    An excellent look at a little known piece of American history Told through the eyes of two young boys , one American and one Mexican It not only is a commentary on war but also on the bigotry and brutality rampant in the US Army if that era.

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    For content, 4 stars I listened to the audiobook so less stars for cartoonish mexican accents and pronunciation issues.

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    I knew the bare facts about the war in Mexico This book took me deeper It was beautifully written fiction from the perspective of two young men on opposite sides of the conflict.

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    This is an inventive novel about the Battalion of Irish and German soldiers who fought for the Mexicans in the Mexican War of 1846 told from the perspective of a camp boy named Patrick Quinn and a cadet in the Mexican military academy Augustine Juevera It alternates between the musings of the Quinn kid in his diary and Juevera s description of the Mexican point of view of the events that eventually led to the capture and execution and humiliation of the soldiers who left the US army to fight with the Mexicans.There is a lot of history presented here in a story which often follows the real events surrounding the struggles of John Riley who was the commander of this irregular brigade The Irish in the US army were the subject of a lot of harsh treatment as were many Catholics from other countries They were looked down upon by the US born officers Riley deserted the US army before the Mexican war started which is one of the reasons that Gen Winfield Scott spared his life after he was captured He is revered in Mexico with a special monument erected to him and the other Irish martyrs in the plaza of San Angel The book goes through the Mexican campaign and the tensions between Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott It also points out that the war was a training ground for many of the key figures of the Civil War Among other things the novel points out that RE Lee was quite successful in outflanking the Mexican army in a couple of key battles.The book is a...

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    A disappointment Published by Ballantine Books in 2006.To start, let me establish my bonafides as a fan of Mr Thom s work Three of his novels sit on a shelf less than two feet from this computer I have the featured review on .com one of his novels The Red Heart Three or four of his novels are in my classroom library I actually designed a long term project for my world history classes using historical fiction with his books in mind, and I told him so when I met him at a state wide conference for social studies teachers So, I approached St Patrick s Battalion with much hope Instead of his usual quality, I found this book to be simplistic, with less detail and bent on beating two points home time after time the Irish were treated brutally and shamefully by the U.S army during the Mexican War and the Mexican War was an unjust war.Thom makes it clear in the opening dedication and acknowledgments that he is against the Iraq War and quite clearly he is drawing analogies between the two However, Thom never really gets off of his twin focuses on the unjust war and the unjust treatment of the Irish He never gets to his real strengths in his other books bringing the reader into another world and teaching us about larger movements in history, but als...

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    Very much worth the read to find out about a little known facet of the US Mexican war of the 1840s.At the time, the Irish had been one of the larger immigrant groups coming to the US and soon the numbers would soar due to the famines in their homeland , but were routinely treated as scapegoats and troublemakers Apparently the US military provided opportunity for many who had no other great options, and the armies residing in Texas, also had significant numbers Army officers were just as biased against the Irish, and abused the soldiers routinely.While President Polk schemed to expand US borders manifest destiny by provoking conflict with Mexico, the Mexican military reached out to the Irish soldiers promising them respect and land, not to mention the prospect of living in a sister Catholic country Many of these soldiers were not US citizens to begin with, and began to flee from the abuse in the US ranks.It is this story of a battalion of Irish soldiers wh...

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    I enjoyed learning about a bit of history the San Patricios, a mostly Irish artillery unit in the Mexican army during the Mexican American war that most Americans know little to nothing about That war was a proving and training ground for many who later served as senior officers in the Civil War, and the book provides some glimpses of U.S Grant an R.E Lee as young officers.I lived in northern Mexico for a few years during my school kid years and for all that it is nearly forgotten here, the Mexican American War is still an important, well remembered part of Mexico s history We would probably remember the war better if it had been we who were invaded and defeated I also heard often about Los Ninos Heroes, the boy heroes, young cadets who died when the Americans took the fortress of Chapultepec outside of Mexico City Oddly, I don t remember ever hearing about the San Patricios or their Irish commander, so this book was something of ...

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