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Down to Earth From The Back Cover THE EARTH Was Little Than A Memory For Them A Memory Stretching Over Time And The Black Abyss Of Space, A Memory Kept Alive By The Huge, Three Dimensional Images Sent Up To Save Them From The Madness Of Their Isolation Everything Had Been Arranged To Protect Their Bodies And Their Minds, This Family Of Four, Alone On A Tiny Planet In The Outer Galaxy But One Day, First Insignificantly, Then Ever Unmistakably, The Elaborate Machinery Began To Show Flaws And What Had At First Seemed Inexplicable Accident, Inexorably Began To Reveal Itself In All Its Grotesque, Horrifying Truth

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    I don t normally leave reviews after reading a book, but after reading Down to Earth, I really needed a good rant This book actually has an interesting premise, but is plagued by poor writing, and completely asinine plotting The story describes a small family living in an isolated space station that is only used for emergency landings Seeing that the family is so isolated, the space station is equipped with holograms that display a virtual world at all times This allows a psychopath to enter the station undetected, and allows him to hide among the holograms, as he attempts to kidnap one member of the family, and kill the others Now for my rant The first thought that comes to mind would be to simply shut off the holograms, but the station was designed to prohibit that I found that hard to believe, but could ignore in order to allow for a good story However, the entire plot seemed implausible and was setup only to create action For example, the station is equipped with a chair that is extended on a column of air, allowing the person in the chair to view a series of video screens located in the top of a tower This allowed the psychopath to shut off the air column in an attempt to kill the character in the chair at that time Why on earth would you locate the video screens in the top of the tower If they re just showing videos, just stick them on the ground floor Also, I didn t believe the explanation that a column of air wou...

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    Come nei suoi altri romanzi, l autore si diletta nell usare la fantascienza come pretesto per scavare nella psiche umana I suoi personaggi sono sempre o insicuri, o paranoici, o emotivamente compromessi In questo romanzo per lo scopo viene solo sfiorato e non raggiunto i protagonisti dubitano troppo, anche dinanzi all evidenza, e si intuisce che cio serve solo affinche la storia prosegua come da programma I cattivi odiano troppo e male, in modo insulso e poco efficienteLa parte piu interessante del romanzo e l ambiente simulato realizzato all interno dell asteroide, che emula un ambientazione terrestre ...

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    In keeping w my ongoing project of showing uses of anarchy in the bks I read, I refer the reader to page 186 of this On it, the space colonists, after having been attacked by government forces from Earth, are informed that civilization on Earth has been destroyed by a nuclear disaster, are asked to accept this new government that s just attacked them as governing them too The patriarch of the family accepts their authority, informing his family Th...

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    Very enjoyable I read it first in 1967 and a couple times since Recommended.Just finished reading it again, for, I think, the third time Still a good story Imaginative and exciting.

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