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God, The Meaning of Life and What Happens after You Die God, The Meaning Of Life Why Are So Many People Feeling Lost And Empty Inside With 350 Million People Suffering From Depression Around The World, Is Our Materialistic Society And Our Departure From Spiritual Values To Blame In This Astonishing New Book By Mark Anastasi, Author Of The New York Times Bestseller The Laptop Millionaire , The Author Takes Us On A Journey Of Discovery As He Explores Humanity S Most Important Philosophical Questions Where Do We Come From Why Are We Here What Is The Meaning Of Life And What Happens After We Die This Book Contains The Answers Taken From First Hand Communications With The Spirit World, Through Near Death Experiences, Past Life Regressions, Channellers And Psychics, Out Of Body Experiences, And Even Secret Military Experiments On The Subconscious Of Soldiers Dive Into God, The Meaning Of Life, And What Happens After You Die And Discover How The Universe Began And Where You Come From The 10 Spiritual Lessons That Will Change Your Life The One Message The Spirit World Has For Us When We Die The Secret To Happiness How To Win The Game Of Life Why People Feel Lost And Empty Inside And How To Never Feel This Way Again The Meaning Of Life How To Find Your Purpose And Do What You Love Your Life Depends On It Why You Are Powerful Beyond Imagination What People Who Have Had A Near Death Experience See On The Other Side The 14 Things That Happen In The Spirit World After You Die Why You Are Never Alone Why Love Brings You Back To A State Of Health How Your Invisible World Creates Your Visible World The Truth About Heaven And Hell The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying How To Apply The Power Of Intention To Your Life Why Reincarnation Was Removed From The Bible Why Many Pillars Of The Scientific Creed Are Wrong The Science Delusion And Much Much

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    Somewhat ExtrodinaryI found a lot of truth here However, I also found certain premises too simplified There was a bit of Zig Zigler here, and some truly deep spiritual insight This author badly needs a better editor The English usage is atrocious.

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