[PDF / Epub] ☆ Biblical Salvation For The 21st Century (Biblical Growth Series Book 4) ✩ Paul Cummings – Airdomains.co.uk

Biblical Salvation For The 21st Century (Biblical Growth Series Book 4) Through My Journey As A Christian It Has Become Increasing Clear That Many Christians Do Not Understand Some Of The Basic Tenants Of The Christian Faith Therefore In This Publication I Have Sought To Write As Simply And Explicitly As I Can On The Subject Of Biblical Salvation.I Have Met Christians With Little Understanding Of The Cross Of Jesus And What It Has Effected Though Struggling To Believe In The Virgin Birth It Seems Many Christians Do Not Understand The Absolute Necessity Of It And It S Crucial Role In The Bringing Of Salvation I Have Looked At Something Of The Journey Of Salvation From The Old Testament To The New Testament So As To Highlight The Importance And Consistency Of God S Plan Of Salvation Though The Ages I Have Mainly Stuck To The Main Themes Of Salvation In Doing So I Have Not Sought To Use Big Theological Words, But Where I Have Had To For The Sake Or Clarity I Have Aimed To Interpret Their Meaning With Clear And Brief Descriptions.My Goal Is To Present Important Biblical Teaching Clearly And Correctly I Trust The Reader Finds This So.

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