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What I Did Wrong: A Novel The Long Awaited Second Novel By The Author Of The Irreversible Decline Of Eddie Socket In 1989, John Weir S Debut Novel, The Irreversible Decline Of Eddie Socket, Was One Of The First Novels To Convey The Horror Of The AIDS Epidemic And Critics Quickly Recognized It As One Of The Truly Outstanding Works In That Genre Now, Weir Follows Up With Another Terrifically Moving And Often Disarmingly Funny Book About Loss, Survival, And Sexuality In The Post AIDS Era Returning To A Manhattan Haunted By The Memory Of All The Young Men Who Died In The Late 1980s And Early 90s, What I Did Wrong Has At Its Heart A Protagonist For Whom That Loss Is Still All Too Palpable Tom, A Forty Two Year Old English Professor, Watched His Best Friend Die Years Earlier And Now Finds Himself Sliding Into Middle Age While Questioning Everything He Thought He Knew About His Gay Identity His Queens College Classes Are Filled With Borough Boys Displaying Their Own Bravado Along With Their Confused Masculinity As Tom Balances Their Friendship With The Occasional Displaced Erotic Overtones, He Finds An Unexpected Common Ground With These Proud Young Men And, Surprisingly, Claims His Place In The World And In History What I Did Wrong Is A Dazzling Work Juxtaposing Low Comedy And Heartfelt Tragedy With Astonishing Finesse, A Book Worthy Of John Weir S Return To Fiction That Will Be Warmly Welcomed By Critics And Readers Alike.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • What I Did Wrong: A Novel
  • John Weir
  • English
  • 24 December 2017
  • 9780670034840

About the Author: John Weir

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the What I Did Wrong: A Novel book, this is one of the most wanted John Weir author readers around the world.

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    DNF 53%

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    _Eddie Socket_ was a once in a career book, in no small part because it appeared at a time when a fictional response to AIDS and a literary reflection on the lives of urban gay men living through what felt very much like a war was coalescing, and writers were still chafing under Andrew Holleran s pronouncement that no one will ever be able to write a novel about AIDS a dictate that he, himself, has repeatedly violated With _Eddie Socket_, John Weir expressed in print what none or few had managed it isn t a great book solely because of its Zeitgeist, but it can t be ignored that Weir said something perfect about an era and managed to do it that era was still going on That s no mean feat._What I Did Wrong_ doesn t have the impeccable timing of _Eddie Socket_, and it doesn t have the same sense of being an immediate, vital, and inevitable response to its age If it s a bit unfocused, and it is, perhaps it s solely because the times we live in are unfocused identity, desire, right, wrong, good, evil As the deconstructionists said and said and said and said , all of that was going to pass through the industrial grinder of the 1990s and come out on the other end looking or less unrecognizable And that s what _What I Did Wrong_ wants to forgive the word foreground the way things d evolved, the way surviving AIDS turned out t...

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    Well I am unsure whether Tom actually did anything wrong I am not a great fan of literary fiction More often than not such writing leaves me with ambiguity and questions The main question being what did I just read I am not sure what I have just read in this story We have a main character called Tom who is gay Tom has had a few boyfriends the most memorable of whom was Zack who died after a difficult struggle with Aids This relationship wasn t smooth and delightful but troubling and critical and six years later Tom still lives with the voice of Zack in his life.But Tom doesn t only live with voices, he lives with memories Memories of growing up gay and being hounded and bullied at school, but still finding his way through school accepting the bullying as something that happens Tom lives with the memories of his first steady relationship with a closeted older man called Mark who owned every aspect of Tom s life except when Tom found his place through writing.And Tom has had other friendhips such as Richie, a childhood friend who pops into his life now and again Different voices and memories have shaped Tom and now in his forties he is shaped by the younger men who he teaches in college and...

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    Well, I loved it Geworfenheit on a stick and deliciously so But I d be the first to admit that if a reader isn t fond of pondering the nature of one s being in the world through a holocaust or a post modern wasteland, it might not be an easy to get out of What I Did Wrong what s there to be got It s not laid out there on a platter the reader has to participate in the process.I felt rewarded The dog biscuit rewards loveable characters, fantasy situations are not in play That was kind of a relief to me How nice to be in a ...

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    Within three chapters I found it necessary to add Complete This Book to my list of chores For what it s worth, it was placed between Clean Out The Fridge and Scrub The Shower I found the story telling disjointed not artfully so and peppered with inconsistencies But it...

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    Skip this book and read his The Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket

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    Find this and my other reviews at feel a bit strange writing a review of John Weir s What I Did Wrong, as he writes extensively about being a professor at Queens College, which is where I met him when I sat in his class for the first time Coming to the novel as both a character and a reader was an interesting experience, though certainly this is a book that would have stayed with me for a long time even if I hadn t known the author.A memory years ago, shortly after the publication of What I Did Wrong, some friends and I went to a reading at the LGBT Community Center in New York We met with our professor, who was looking rather scandalously disheveled for someone about to make a professional appearance Yet he d arrived prepared he brandished his razor and shaving cream as concrete proof of his preparedness We all shuffled together into the multi stall unisex bathroom and kept him company as he shaved and brushed down his shirt for errant wrinkles and crumbs, patted down his hair, then asked if he looked presentable enough.You ll do, we said, nodding and grinning in amusement at the whole experience the inversion of the roles of teacher and student, adult and youth Although we only were in each others lives for a brief time, a semester or two, I can t think of him without thinking of that openness of spirit that welcomed us backstage into the writer s life Is ...

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    I had high hopes for this book when I got it at the library I too experienced first hand the same things the main character did in the novel friends dying, facing middle age, questioning my life Sadly the story just didn t grab me, I found myself not caring about any of the characters or their troubles I reached a point where what kept me reading t...

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    The book What I Did Wrong, written by John Weir, shows readers that there is no positive side to depending on someone for your own satisfaction in life The book is a realistic fiction piece, written through the eyes of a gay man in New York right after the AIDS epidemic The main character, Tom, is as forty something year old college professor who is often less organized and timely than his students Tom has witnessed multiple lovers and friends slowly die a painful death The story focuses on Tom s current lover and his first real love The book is often written as a flashback, comparing the past to the present The title of the book suggests that Tom is battling with some personal demons, regarding whether he had done all he could in his past relationship Tom is currently in a relationship with one of his students, Justin Justin is a twenty five year old man, reminiscent of Tom s late lover, Zack It is slightly confusing whom Tom is talking about throughout the book, as many names are dropped and broad statements are made In my opinion, the negative tones of regret and death are too prevalent It almost feels like the author is trying too hard to make the book negative than it has to be For the first h...

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