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The Mojo Collection Compiled By The Staff And Contributors Of Mojo Magazine, The Mojo Collection Tells The Stories Behind The Greatest Albums Of All Time And The Artists Who Made Them BOOK JACKET.

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    The non Classical long player had a good commercial run, and The MOJO Collection, compiled by writers for the UK published MOJO Magazine, chronologically assemblesthan 1,700 definitive LP titles from the format s history Using brief but informative essays to highlight each album s artistic, commercial, cul...

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    I m going to mark this book as read as it s been sitting on this list for so long In reality I m embarked on a long project of collecting listening to every album, starting with the jazz So far everyt...

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    This is the kind of reference book that you could read forever, and at the rate I read, it may be forever It s a very cool anthology of Mojo Magazine s choices for the greatest albums ever since the late 50s Amazing music.

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    For the most part some great music So much was left out of some decades and some very fine artists were not mentioned in most genres Definitely a great rock reference guide with a little jazz an blues thrown in.

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    If I could give it 6stars I would Brilliant reference collection even if I don t agree with all of them.

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    Fans of the magazine already know the quality of the writing in the articles and reviews..This book is a great resource for discovering music and building music collections.

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    I am constantly reading this awesome reference book All the rock and or roll that you will ever need Fuck yeah

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    There are lots of cool facts in this book about musicians.

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