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Next Stop Chicago (Tunnels of Moose Jaw, #5) When Family And Friends Gather To Pay Tribute To Grandpa Vance, Andrea And Tony Discover That Their Grandfather S Adventures Extended Well Beyond The City Of Moose Jaw Just When They Think Their Time Travelling Days Are Over, They Are Given An Opportunity To See Their Grandfather, Young And Vibrant, In The Past They Risk One Trip Back In Time And Find Themselves In Chicago At The Mercy Of Ol Scarface Will They Be Able To Free Their Grandfather From His Past, Without Jeopardizing Their Future

10 thoughts on “Next Stop Chicago (Tunnels of Moose Jaw, #5)

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    Great story, original, easy read, intriguing, and exciting Loved to cenversational style for once, it didn t come off phony or contrived Aww moment at the end Hard to think it was the last one written, it seemedlike a beginning than an end t...

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    I LOVE this book it s my favourite in the series It s very intriguing and hard to put down, despite the few grammatical errors I found I always notice grammar Definitely a must read if you ve read the other books It s also...

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    This is a good book for my older grandkids 10 and 13 in the Time Slip Fantasy genre It is historical fiction with a dash of fantasy the time travel in tunnels and contemporary realism when the protagonist is in the present time before traveling back in time.

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    wonderful ending to a wonderful series.

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