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Women of Marvel Omnibus For Seventy Years, Marvel Comics Has Been Chronicling The Adventures Of Heroes Across The World And Now It S Time For The Heroines To Shine Featuring Your Favorite Fighting Females From Across The Decades Millie The Model Patsy Walker And Hedy Wolfe The Wasp The Black Widow Night Nurse Tigra Shanna The She Devil The Dazzler Firestar Captain Marvel She Hulk Storm Collected Together Here For The Fi Rst Time In One Titanic Tome COLLECTING Night Nurse 1 4 Cat 1 4 Shanna The She Devil 1972 1 5 Firestar 1 4 Sensational She Hulk Ceremony 1 2

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    An overall good collection, but it may be a little misleading as to what this book really is Marvel published this book as a way of celebrating women in comics and exemplifying some of the best stories they have published featuring women over the past 70 years So if they are celebrating 7 decades, why aren t there examples from every decade We have one story from the 40 s before they were even Marvel , nothing from the 50 s, and nothing at all from the 2000 s this was published in 2010 And these stories don t all exactly celebrate women, as seen in the early Wasp stories from the 60 s that are really very male egocentric In a similar vein, the Black Widow stories start out featuring the character and then later shift focus back over to the male superhero characters I understand that this is just the way they were written But if Marvel wanted to feature female characters, why not find the stories that mostly feature actual females Anyway, even though Marvel does not do what they tell you they are doing, my next concern is to the quality of the actual stories My favorites were stories featuring the Cat and Firestar The Dazzler Movie has not aged well, but as a strange romance story with beautiful art, it s still pretty cool to read Night Nurse, She Hulk, and Shanna the She Devil have pretty boring stories, but are really well drawn and...

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    Most useful as probably the only way that Shanna the She Devil, The Cat and Night Nurse would ever be collected by Marvel the 3 star rating is based upon that alone be warned that some of the later material is incredibly poor and should never have been reprinted.

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    A hodgepodge of stories celebrating 70 years if Marvel Super heroines, I really enjoyed the variety presented in this omnibus and liked the choices in what to include in this omnibus I woyld recommend tis to anyone interested in female superheroes and interesting ones that don t get a lot of buzz.

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