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The Lost Saint The Non Stop Sequel To The Dark Divine Delivers An Even Hotter Romance And Thrilling Action Than Bree Despain S First Novel Grace Divine Made The Ultimate Sacrifice To Cure Daniel Kalbi She Gave Her Soul To The Wolf To Save Him And Lost Her Beloved Mother When Grace Receives A Haunting Phone Call From Jude, She Knows What She Must Do She Must Become A Hound Of Heaven Desparate To Find Jude, Grace Befriends Talbot A Newcomer To Town Who Promises Her That He Can Help Her Be A Hero But As The Two Grow Closer, The Wolf Grows In Grace, And Her Relationship With Daniel Begins To Crumble Unaware Of The Dark Path She Is Walking, Grace Becomes Prideful In Her New Abilities Not Realizing That An Old Enemy Has Returned And Deadly Trap Is About To Be Sprung Readers, Raveous For Grace And Daniel, Will Be Itching To Sink Their Teeth Into The Lost Saint.

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    WOW Talk about an emotional roller coaster I was a fan of The Dark Divine, but I have to say that I think The Lost Saint may have topped it And how perfect was the title The Lost Saint such perfect metaphorical use It could have easily described several characters in the novel Genius Despain does a wonderful job intertwining the mythology within the aspects of religion It s a refreshing experience.I must admit I was expecting the conflict between Grace and Daniel, but it didn t exactly play out like I anticipated it would It seems like there is a theme in YA there is alway conflict in the second novel Surprisingly I found myself forgiving Grace for her actions and being upset with Daniel for the lack of his Which when I take a step back and look at it, doesn t make any sense at all They were both keeping things from each other, and neither was less at fault I think that just shows how truly talented Despain is she was totally manipulating me The Lost Saint was action packed there is something happening at every turn and Grace i...

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    Is there some kind of rule that say the second book has to be an emotional roller coaster This one was filled with drama and major emotions Grace saved Daniel Thinking everything was okay, things all of the sudden began to change Daniel becomes distant leaving a wide open space for a new boy to come in Grace is lonely and that is bad Grace begins to lies and falls into a trap that she doesn t see.First off, major emotions Poor Grace After all that she has done, Daniel goes and treats her badly He stops answering calls, stood her up on dates, and just become different Grace becomes agitated She is hurt a lot and let her emotions play her Instead of doing rational things, she allows her emotions to over run and is always putting herself in danger I was glad for one that she wanted to be strong, that she can prove that she didn t need Daniel But I felt like Grace only responded that way because of Daniel His fault.Daniel leaves for the same reason all guys leave in the second book They don t want to hurt the girl, they are better off without them, blah, blah, freaking blah Seriously, I m so over this plot Daniel is dumb and need to get his head out of his butt.Even though the plot is overplayed, I still enjoyed it The writing and the way the emotions ...

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    Although an engaging follow up to its prequel, The Dark Divine, I have to say, I was a little bit disappointed by this book.Perhaps my expectations were just too high for this book, but I found the plot line rather predictable compared to the awesomeness of the first one Daniel aggravated me until the very end of the book, and despite my unwavering support in The Dark Divine, I felt his withdrawn, secretive nature was a bit too much when applied to their situation here.Other characters too seemed rather flat to me, reminding me too much of ones in other stories Grace was Nora, from Becca Fitzpatrick s Hush, Hush series, Jude was Thomas, Tessa s brother from Cassandra Clare s most recent book, Clockwork Angel, Daniel was a mixture of Sarah Rees Brennan s Alan andMaggie Stiefvater s Sam, from Shiver, Katie was Olivia from Beautiful Darkness, Grace s mother is Katniss s mother from The Hunger Games The list goes on I was upset at how similar these characters all seemed to come together here, because I loved The Dark Divine and I hate that it reminds me now of so many other things instead of holding its own Some lines felt too cheesy to me, and many revelations seemed too forced, although I won t go into detail because I want to keep this review spoiler free My other biggest issue with this book was irksome than really unpleasent, but I really feel like it needs to be addressed.Grace, as readers of The Dark Divine will know, is a pas...

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    The Lost Saint is even better than the first book It s full of fun twists and turns and ends with a shocking cliffhanger, which is my favorite kind I still don t get the legs on the cover but this is a great story and I look forward to getting my hands on the next one It s a really fun series.

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    Reviewed by Andrea for TeensReadToo.comWhen Grace Divine saved Daniel from the curse of the werewolf, she was bitten by her brother, Jude, and was burdened with the curse, as well Now, Daniel is training her to balance the wolf side of her self, her superpower side, and her normal human side But when Daniel becomes distant and doesn t think it s a good idea to train any, Grace turns to a new guy in her life.Talbot thinks Grace needs to train and helps her learn how to use her power And all Grace wants is to use that power to find her brother But using her wolf ish powers can have the very effect that she doesn t want to have happen.I have a truly horrible memory when it comes to remembering plots of books and movies And while sometimes, once I start to read a sequel, it will all come back to me, unfortunately it didn t happen with this book So after a couple of chapters I had to go look up a spoiler summary of THE DARK DIVINE And once I did that, I remembered why I had loved the first book so much.This book was a roller coaster of emotions I loved Daniel and Grace together, and then I didn t like Daniel because of his behavior and I was starting to like Talbot There were times I felt both hopeful and hopeless about Jude Yeah, I was never sure which guy to trust and like It made for an intriguing and gripping story.I don t think I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first in the series, but I think that s because Daniel and Gr...

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    No pondering CLEAN CUT after 59 pages And I simply use of my status comments as my review which feels like re heating yesterdays dinner somehow, but also fits since the book itself seems to be reheated and rechewed, too I had low expectations concerning the first book in the series and ended up liking it a lot, but not loving it Usually I abhor second installments that do not go forward, but backward, you know Like questioning the love you ve just found, being secretive again, holding back physically, yada, yada, yada And if I had read the blurb critically I would have known exactly what I got myself A backward pedalling story Hmm May...

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    What an ending O_0It was a great book even though I wanted to punch Grace and Daniel in the face for acting like total losers around each other I felt sorry for Talbot Hopefully we will get a chance to see of him in the third book.

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    Good but not as enjoyable as the first, 3.5 starsEarlier this year, I devoured Bree Despain s debut novel, THE DARK DIVINE, in one sitting and loved it While I enjoyed THE LOST SAINT, it didn t quite live up to its predecessor Grace made the ultimate sacrifice to save Daniel s soul and lost herself to the werewolf curse Ten months later, she and Daniel are still together, but Grace s family is falling apart After Grace receives a cryptic phone call from her brother, she knows what she must do she must harness her new powers to find Jude and bring him home When Daniel and her father tell her to pull back, she befriends a newcomer, Talbot, who promises he can help her As secrets push Grace and Daniel apart, the stakes become higher when an old threat returns and puts everyone at risk For those looking for action and a darker tone than the first novel, THE LOST SAINT will hit the spot The writing remains clear and quickly readable, and the darker plot touches on issues like what motivates our behavior The action based plot moves things along steadily, especially...

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    3.5 stars Honestly, I do not know why I am giving this book a 3.5 rating when it deserves a slightly lower one.Not to jump on the let s bash paranormal romance by labeling it as a Twilight ripoff bandwagon, but I have to admit, The Lost Saint was exactly the same as New Moon Once in love boyfriend grows distant with a mysterious secret, girl is completely clueless and relentlessly questioning, new guy shows up to test the girl s affection for the original guy yes, it is all here.For some reason, I still liked this book though Probably not because of its originality, because it barely has any, but some mysterious factor I cannot seem to place Maybe just the overall story itself.Well, I am too tired to provide adequate reasoning for my rating of this book, but I ll end with this note read this if you liked The Dark Divine or Twilight, do not read this if you did not like The Dark Divine

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    A lot happened in this book but not enough for me to rate it any higher than a three stars.

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