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First Invite Love In A Spirituality Practice Best Spiritual Books Of 2010 Winner First Invite Love In Is A Beautiful Collection Of Exercises Inspired By The Ancient Meditative Arts Of Tibetan Buddhism Tana Pesso And The Penor Rinpoche Work Together To Create A Guidebook For Anyone Who Would Like To Live Compassionately, Wisely, And With An Open And Inviting Heart.Moment By Moment, Thought By Thought, Step By Step We Can Transform Our Minds Through Time Tested Compassion Practices, And Ultimately Create A Garden Of Delight Out Of Any Life History Or Current Circumstance, Regardless Of How Traumatic Or Difficult There Are Countless Examples Of People From All Spiritual Paths, Faiths, And Religions Who Have Experienced Terrible Hardships Or Even Themselves Created Hardships And Suffering For Others, Who Have Turned Their Minds Towards Love And Compassion And Found Peace And Happiness.

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