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The Web at Dragonfly Pond Storyteller Brian Fox Ellis Draws From His Memories Of Fishing With His Father To Tell This True Tale Of A Fish, A Frog, A Dragonfly, A Mosquito, And Himself The Experience Helped Mold Fox S Life Long Connection With Nature, And Is A Wonderful Example Of Entertainment That Educates.

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    I went from being a vegetarian to being a pescatarian, for health reasons I ve often struggled with the ethics of taking life in order to live myself This book helps put such a struggle in context a boy who is fishing with his father learns what roles he plays in the web of life Both the pro...

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    Are we all connected This book explores how we are connected to even the mosquitos because of the circle of life The illustrations are very life like and help tell the story This is a great book to incorporate into your science classroom.

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    The story is based on Fox s childhood and many fishing trips with his father in which Fox slowly learned about the web of life and all its complexity The book turned out to be the ideal level for the kids, who interrupted me with questions and comments about dragonflies, bullfrogs, what s a cattail and so on But what really felt great was the excitement in Vin s eyes when the boy in the story caught the bass Vin is now 8, but remembers being 5 or 6 and going on a rowboat with his father and catching bass The other great moment was when I...

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