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The Owner of the House: New Collected Poems 1940-2001 Few Poets Have So Artfully Confronted American Life As Louis Simpson Persona Speakers Struggle With Everyday Issues Against A Backdrop Of Larger Forces, The Individual S Maladjustment To A Culture Of Materialism And Brutal Competition, The Failure Of Marriage Under The Pressures Of Such A Society, The Failure Of The American Dream Simpson Wages A Lover S Quarrel With The World Louis Simpson Has Perfect Pitch His Poems Win Us First By Their Drama, Their Ways Of Voicing Our Ways Of Making Do With Our Lives Then His Intelligence Cajoles Us To The Brink Of A Cliff Of Solitude And We Step Over Into The Buoyant Element Of True Poetry Seamus HeaneyEducated At Munro College West Indies And At Columbia University, Louis Simpson Has Taught Widely, Most Recently At The State University Of New York At Stony Brook He Is The Author Of Seventeen Books Of Poetry And Ten Works Of Prose He Has Received Fellowships From The Academy Of American Poetry, The Hudson Review, The Guggenheim Foundation, And Received The Pulitzer Prize For Poetry.

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    A fellow blogger reviewed a poem by Louis Simpson and it intrigued me so I bought this book.I find his poems to be reflective and as capable as giving me a vision of what he s writing about as if he had taken a professional, artistic photograph A photograph with the same dream like, haunting quality of Diane Arbus work, except Simpson does it with his ...

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    Some of the poems bored me but this gets 5 stars since one of my favorite poems ever is in this collection, below The RedwoodsMountains are moving, riversare hurrying But weare still.We have the thoughts of giants clouds, and at night the stars.And we have names guttural, grotesque Hamet, Og names with no syllables.And perish, one by one, our rootsgnawed by the mice And fall.And are too slow for death, and changeto stone Or else too quick,like candles in a fire Giantsare lonely We have waited longfor someone By our waiting, surelythere must be someone at whose touchour bo...

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    These are, for the most part, good poems Impressively cynical and lean I love The Redwoods and Country Doctor Another, In the Suburbs is so short and depressing it gives a good idea of Simpson s style There s no way out.You were born to waste your life.You were born to this middleclass lifeAs others before youWere born to walk ...

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    Not every poem is perfect, to be sure, but Simpson s work is so fresh, so solid, so non solipsistic, so closely observed, that he has very few peers Perhaps Jack Gilbert Gilbert s best may be slightly bette...

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    Where ignorant armies march by night without the biceps.

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