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Look: Seeing the Light in Art (Look!) This Exciting Art Title Focuses On How Artists Use Light In Their Paintings This Book Uses Some Of The Most Famous And Best Loved Artists Of All Time To Show How Their Paintings Reflect Dramatic Light, Mysterious Light, Cold Light, Hot Light, Dappled Light, Rainy Light, Light Patterns, Light Shapes And Other Forms Of Light.

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    Sometimes reading a book geared to children to help explain a concept in simpler terms, is the best way to see it This book explores the usage of light in art in all it s varied forms and does a great job of it too Being on a perpetual art quest myself and having taught art to others, any book that can help you see a concept in a simpler manner especially one as important as the usage of light in art is a great tool Sometimes it s good to go to the basics and reacquaint yourself with the why of something And often seeing things throught the eyes of a child or a beginner is a great way to do that What s also nice about this book is that all the paintings that are used for examples are grouped together in the back of the book with it s proper name, the artist, where it s found and an explanation of the painting for the reader All with the intention that the reader can then further explore the ...

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    Look did the concept of different kinds of light justice The works of art were well chosen and described to illustrate the concept of light.It is so well done that my 10 year old, who dreads museums and art, learned some some things to focus on when viewing art I truly believe he has a better visual appreciation of art and the thoughts and feelings ...

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    Loved it I m a sucker for art books but this one is very well done Wonderful paintings are shown and readers are asked thought provoking questions I m buying a copy for myself and I m sad it s a 2006 book or I would booktalk it at WLA.

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    interesting, but not fascinating Maybe I just don t have the soul of an artist.

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