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A Chance at Love (Avon Romance) Loreli Winters Never Imagined She D End Up A Mail Order Bride In Middle Of Nowhere Kansas Until The Two Adorable Orphan Nieces Of A Dusky Dream Named Jake Reed Beg Her To Be Their New Mama And One Look At The Dark, Devastatingly Handsome Man Is Enough To Entice Her To Abandon Her California Plans And Stay Put For A While In This One Horse Frontier Town.Strong, Sensible Jake Was Hoping For A Wife To Help Him Raise His Girls, But Loreli May Be Than He Can Handle He Can T Stop Wondering What It Would Be Like To Hold The Fiery Enchantress Close And Kiss Her Deeply Surely He Could Never Compete With The Sophisticated Gents She Has Known, Yet He Intends To Try But Will His Honest Passion Be Enough To Take A Chance On A Long Shot Called Love

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    Nope, nope, NOPE.Here what didn t work 1 He propositions to buy her services for a year 2 Until he finds a real wife3 He lets her go even though he loves her so much and cares nothing for her safety Let me elaborate, her life was very much in danger 4 After letting her go who he loves beyond life what does he do Oh, he looks for another wife If the other woman didn t refuse to be a second best they WOULD be married Let s be honest and let s face the fact The only reason the second marriage didn t happen was because SHE rejected HIM Not because of his reluctance He was PRETTY eager to move on I m actually going to go ahead and call this cheating At least emotionally.5 Let s come to the reconciliation At NO point of time did he think of looking for her or bring her back.IF the friend didn t send him the letter telling about the baby he would have looked for another wife who wasn t a soiled dove and who wouldn t have minded being a second best Only, ONLY when he received the news of pregnancy did he go to the heroine and asked her to come back So just because he says marry me because I want you, not because of the baby it makes it not about the baby WHO is THAT naive A...

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    Once again Beverly Jenkins does an outstanding job with this historical romance I love her writing and whenever I need a break from the paranormal, she always fits the bill An intriguing storyteller This is the story of Loreli Winters and Jake Reed Loreli is a very different kind of historical AA heroine from the origins of her birth to her occupation, however, she has a huge heart and a sassy mouth and you can t help but love her Jake is a hog farmer who has taken over the care of his twin nieces after his sisters death Realizing that they need a mother, Jake sets out to find one, however, Loreli was not in his plans If you can, read Topaz before reading this book in order to get a background on some of the mail order bride dialog that goes on, however, it is not necessary This book stands on its own well If you love historical romances and would enjoy it from an AA perspective, you will love this book Any of Beverly Jenkins books will give you a great...

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    I feel like I m addicted to Beverly Jenkins and her historical romances but I just can t stop I love the way she writes, I love the history about African American s she weaves into all of them, I love how she shows that not all of them are slaves, that some can trace their linage back to when they first came to America I love how strong and noble she makes all her heroines and heroes And this one was no exception Having met Loreli in TOPAZ and then gotten a chance to see of her personality in ALWAYS AND FOREVER I was very excited by the fact that she got her own novel And this did not disappoint I loved Jake and I love how he was inexperienced when it came to relations and that Lorelai wasn t because that is something you don t see in most romance novels usually, it s the other way around I love the twins and I love the storyline I would give this story 5 stars, however I felt the last thirty pages or so were rushed compared to ...

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    This is my 2nd BJ romance and I had high hopes for this one The world building was phenomenal but I found the male protagonist, Jake, to not really be likeable Which was a shame since I really like Lorilei The storyline became problematic and I just wasn ...

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    Good Read Loreli Winters and Jake Reed were two opposites that attracted She a gambling queen and he a hog farmer They had a common goal to do what was best for Jake s eight year old nieces This book had some funny parts with the twins as ...

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    What can I say I loved loved loved this book Reading this was like watching a movie in my minds eye Only a talented author can truly do that This is another favorite of mine that is in my top ten If you haven t read it, do so You ll be pleasantly surprised.

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    Ms Jenkins has done it again A great love story with a twist.

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    A read this book a while ago I loved it because it s not only GREAT romance but it s also teaches history Two for one.

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    I really enjoyed this book and I love the history lesson I got too

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    Beverly Jenkins never disappoints A beautiful love story.

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