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The Joys of Engrish Welcome To The World Of Engrish An Alternate Reality Version Of The English Language, Which Finds Its Greatest Expression In Japanese Advertising And Product Design Based On The Popular Website, The Joys Of Engrish Is A Full Color Parade Of Images That Highlight The Most Outrageous And Riotous Yet Oddly Insightful Misuses Of English Compiler Steve Caire

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    I read a lot of books that amuse me but rarely do I come across one that makes me cackle out aloud I was looking through this one at work, on my breaks, and just laughing away I HAD to lend it to my Japanese co worker who thought it was hilarious and is now going to show it t...

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    I m never above laughing at the ignorance of other people and other cultures, largely because I invite them to laugh at me and mine as well This did the job and garnered a few chuckles Nowhere near some of the classics like the National Lampoon books of the past.

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    Priceless Every page left me helpless with laughter It s rather sobering to think that this easy to butcher language is now the worldwide lingua franca.

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    A very quick read, but also very funny.

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    Nope, this will never not be funny.

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    Ha Ha Funny Japanese English used in very awkward ways The book was good, but not nearly as comprehensive as the website Check it out for a laugh.

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    Quirky and amusing More of a flip through coffee table book Some incredibly funny and odd graphics on display in here.

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